Sunday, December 2, 2012

The view

from the first tee.  Amazing, really, considering it is now the first week in December.

The posts lining the lower part of the near hill are attached to ropes, and mark the edge of an old staircase.  The staircase is used in winter by inner tubers (not your inner potato, but your inner kid), climbing laboriously back up to the top.  A couple of inches of snow on the ground and this hill transforms from a mild-mannered fairway into a spectacular sledding hill.  I should say tubing hill: no sleds or toboggans are allowed, only inner tubes.  Apparently this is because the hill is too fast for sleds.

It's been years since I've gone down a fast hill on an inner tube.  I can hardly wait.


  1. Oh hello, Jo! What a lovely new blog you've started here. So glad to see you survived the move, and your winter is starting well. Love the posts so far. Hope you find a good garden spot in the new place! :)

  2. Thank you! We have indeed survived the move (so far). As you know, starting back in after several months of silence is a bit tricky.

    We have a typical town lot size-wise, so I will have to be creative in my space usage. Must leave some room for little boys to throw balls and wield Nerf swords.

  3. Inner tuber... not your potato :::snort!!::: Too funny!

    1. Although perhaps there is an inner potato in all of us, as well. :)